9 Months Pregnancy Life Change: If a child is raised by incredible parents, they grow to become an individual doing well for the world around. But along with the care you receive after you are born, you need to have proper care before birth as well. These 9 months are absolutely essential for the baby and mother. It is in these months that a single cell becomes a mature baby. It’s magic!

First month

9 Months Pregnancy Life Change
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The baby is a zygote for the first two weeks after being implanted into the uterine wall. And in the next two weeks, its important organs begin to build and the stage is embryonic.

Second month

Second month Pregnancy
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The embryonic stage continues as the cells begin to form functions and structures. Three layers are formed: ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm, which also form different parts of the body.

Third month

Third Month pregnancy
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The human organism begins to grow in size during this month. The gender becomes visible, but its always a risk of miscarriage, so people avoid telling it soon. Morning sickness and restlessness begin, along with the urge to urinate again and again.

Fourth month

Forth Month pregnancy
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The fetus in this month begins to look human and also responds to sound. That is why they always prefer to be close to the mother’s voice after birth, since they are familiar to her. It is necessary to have regular tests during this time due to rapid changes in the baby.

Fifth month

fifth Month pregnancy
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Now the movements begin in the fetus. Begin to form the vestibular system that is to balance. This is the time when pregnant women tend to gain weight they should not. There is a notion. “Eat for two” that is not necessary.

Sixth month

six month pregnancy
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Now is the time to improve shape and size. It begins to look more human and the fetus also begins to feel light.

Seventh month

Seven month pregnancy
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Three pounds is the baby’s weight right now and his beautiful eyes begin to open. It is a premature stage, when the baby is born often. This is the stage where you need more calories than the rest of the period.

Eighth month.

Eight Month pregnancy
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Now the baby has grown completely. It has all its reflexes and the organs of the senses work well. Protein is necessary for the development of tissues, so women should eat protein rich in the diet.

Ninth month

nine month pregnancy
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The fetus begins to change its position and goes to the mother’s cervix. Fat that builds up under the skin, results in weight gain up to seven pounds, so the baby is born healthy!

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