Any person who uses a computer or a laptop will always have a question, what is this computer virus after all? And how does this virus attack our laptop, computer or Smartphone.

Computer virus it is like a contagious disease. Right now the best example of Corona virus this is the way, this virus spreads from one to another and from second to third, in the same way computer virus also comes in different forms in our computer, laptop, or Smartphone.

Computer virus is not a new name, since the personal computer logo started using and since the personal computer has become popular in the logo, we have come to see different types of computer viruses. So today we know a little about this computer virus, after all what is a computer virus or its history or its types and how we can avoid this virus and a lot, let’s increase our knowledge.

What Is Computer Virus

Computer virus is a kind of malicious computer program. Which can enter any kind of program or files on the computer without the permission of the computer user?

There are many hackers or people who create this type of virus in the world, who make it to get someone’s information, to harm someone’s program, or to get their work done from someone else’s computer or laptop.

This is not a kind of virus program; virus creators keep developing the virus according to new technology. Therefore, there are also viruses that are made for the same particular computer program, which does not harm other devices.

Across the world, computer viruses are a major issue of concern. Because every year leaking data of some company or linking or erasing government information, stealing money from the bank, we get to see many such scams and due to this, the economy of the country a lots of suffers.

Computer virus not only damages programs or files on computers, smartphones, but also damages the hardware of the computer. Because computer viruses also seen in many such ways, which also damages the hard disk, motherboard and other parts of the computer.

History of Computer Virus

Talk about the same history of computer virus, then ever since people started using personal computers, we got to see all the viruses ever since. In the initial period, it was limited to small computers only, but in today’s era, we get to see different types of viruses under different names in big companies, computers and programs under the government of the country. So let’s see the beginning of computer virus and such famous virus which caused many problems to the companies and governments.

Some famous virus which caused many problems

  • In the year 1985, the famous American computer scientist Fred Cohen first defined the term “virus“. And Fred Cohen had put all such statements related to the virus in front of the people.
  • In the year 1949, the famous mathematician and scientist John von Naman created a self-replicating program, in which this virus spread inside computers. This program also caused a lot of damage to the computers. It is considered the fastest spreading virus in the world.
  • In the year 1971, the world’s first computer virus was created by Bob Thomas, which was called the “Creeper System”, this virus was filling the hard drive until a computer could no longer operate . The virus was created in the US by BBN Technologies (BBN).
  • In the year 1972, to eliminate the creeper virus, computer scientist Ray Tomlison created a program called ‘Reeper‘ it was a type of antivirus.
  • In the year 1986, ‘Amjad Farooq Alvi’ and ‘Basid Farooq Alvi’, these two Pakistani living brothers, created the ‘Brain’ or C-Brain salt virus. The special feature of this virus was that it was specially made for personal computers IBM PC (MS-DOS Operating System).
  • In the year 1988, ‘Morris‘ salt virus was the world’s first computer virus that had infected computers on a large scale. This virus was created by Robert Morris, a student at Cornell University. It was used to determine the size of the Internet. Here the virus spread so fast that in about 15 hours this virus had infected 15000 computers. After that even today we get to see all these types of virus.
  • In the year 1997, the ‘Staog‘ virus was first developed for the Linux operating system. It was created to test the security of the Linux operating system.
  • In the year 1988, a man named Richard Brando wrote the ‘Macmag‘ salt virus which was created to damage the Apple Macintosh operating system. This initiative was a virus that infected any Apple product.

We have got to see computer viruses from such a lot in the history of the computer world, which caused damage to computers through different means.

Types of Computer Viruses

Resident Viruses

Resident viruses hide in your computer’s RAM and live anyway in our memory, so they can infect any file you play. As a result, resident viruses spread particularly rapidly. You can eliminate this type of virus through antivirus.

Direct Action Viruses

Direct action virus is another type of computer virus that infects your files. These viruses are thought to be the exact opposite of resident viruses, however, they target a specific file type, most often Exe and .com files. Due to its specific targeted nature, we can easily find it and remove it.

Overwrite Viruses

This type of virus has the potential to infect not only a specific file but also entire folders, files and programs at once. The I LOVE YOU salt virus has been very popular in history and is the most famous example of overwrites viruses.

Browser Hijacker Viruses

The work of this virus is just like the name of this virus. We get to see this virus in the browser. By entering any website, this virus redirects to any unknown website and shows different types of AIDS on those websites or there is a possibility of coming to different types of virus computers from those websites.

Multipartite Viruses

Multipartite virus is one of the most dangerous types of computer virus. Unlike most other viruses, multipartite viruses can infect your computer in a variety of ways. Multi-partite viruses can target both files and your computer’s boot sector at the same time.

Network Viruses

Network viruses enter computers through any type of network connection and pretend they are part of that network.

Web Scripting Viruses

This type of virus is considered to be a very dangerous type of virus, because this virus hides in website links, photos, videos and other types of files. This virus has the ability to infect the entire system.

Web scripting viruses are commonly used to attack sites with large populations such as social networking, user reviews, and email. Web scripting viruses are capable of infecting slightly faster than other viruses. A common variant of a web scripting virus is DDoS. It has the potential to send spam messages, damage data, and deceive users.

Boot Sector Viruses

This virus is hidden in a file on a USB drive or an email attachment. When activated, it can infect the system’s master boot record to cause damage to the system.

 How do Computer Viruses Spread

Computer viruses can usually be spread through email and text message attachments, Internet file downloads, and social media scam links. Similarly, viruses can also be spread through applications of computers or smartphones.

Computer viruses can be spread by hiding inside pictures, pictures of famous people or videos or any good text.

Nowadays people forward some wishing message from WhatsApp to the people and due to the same message being forwarded, it spreads to millions of people in a short time and in similar messages many times people can spread by putting virus.

Disadvantages of Computer Virus

Some computer viruses are programmed to harm your computer by damaging it, deleting files, or corrupting the hard drive. Different types of computer viruses start showing effect only after a specific time and many such possibilities tell us that some kind of virus is present in the computer. So let’s pay attention to some such things, which usually we get to see on our computer or laptop due to the presence of virus.

  • Slow computer performance.
  • Computer hangs for a while.
  • Delete any kind of files automatically.
  • Not having control over any kind of computer program.
  • Fall victim to hacking.
  • Change in nature of computer.

Examples of Computer Viruses

I love you computer Virus

Ever since the personal computer people have started using, we have got to see many different types of viruses. In the early stages, computer viruses have been born on their own for testing computers with the aim of harming someone or sometimes without any purpose, which caused a lot of harm to the people. So some such computer viruses of the world, due to which people had to face a lot of trouble.

  • cod red
  • I love you
  • Melissa
  • blaster
  • slammer
  • The Morris Warm
  • elk cloner
  • creeper
  • con fecker
  • Stuxnet
  • my doom
  • cryptolocker
  • flashback

How to Protect Against Computer Viruses

Computer virus It is like a flu, just as flu spreads from one to another and second to third, in the same way viruses coming in computers also spread from one computer, website, program to another through some medium. If we know what to do to avoid this kind of virus, then we can avoid falling prey to this kind of virus. There are some ways in which we can avoid viruses from the budget.

  • Always update the operating system.
  • Use a program of slow-compression trust.
  • Keep in mind that the applications of computers or smartphones are always updated.
  • Do not open unintentional email links
  • Do not go to unknown website or download any file
  • Do not click on any kind of pop-up that appears in the browser.
  • Backing up important files or programs from your computer in ordinary days.
  • Use good and tree antivirus
  • Always keep the password of your computer and ID (Email id, Facebook ID, Bank password) strong.
  • use fire wall

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Full Form Of VIRUS?

Answer – Vital Information of Resources under Siege

Who Created First Computer Virus?

Answer – Amjad Alvi and Basid Farooq Alvi

 What Is Trojan Horse?

Answer – A Trojan horse is a program downloaded and installed on a computer that appears harmless, but is actually considered very dangerous.

 Which is best antivirus software in 2022?


 Who Made I LOVE YOU Virus

Answer – Onel De Guzman

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