Polar Bear Slides On Ice Sheet : A video of a polar bear crossing a layer of ice is giving life lessons to people on the Internet. What makes this video different is that instead of walking around, the polar bear lies down and slides across the ice sheet, and uses the front limbs of its body to slide.

Polar Bear was walking while sliding on the bed sheet
Polar Bear was walking while sliding on the bed sheet

“How to navigate the ice sheet without breaking it – exactly like that for life. Life lessons from a polar bear. Caption of the video shared on Twitter by Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu (IFS Supriya Sahu).

People are giving their reactions on the video. Many have highlighted how the polar bear was better off not breaking the ice sheet by sliding than by walking. One user explained, “The entire scientific fund has been set up by Polar Bear.

When standing, the bear’s weight is concentrated over a small area, but when lying flat, the weight is distributed over an area equal to the surface area of ​​the bear’s body.”
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