Home Lifestyle World Rose Day 2022:  6 mistakes in buying a rose plant

World Rose Day 2022:  6 mistakes in buying a rose plant

World Rose Day 2022: If you want to plant rose plants at home, then it is important to take care of some important things, otherwise your plant will not grow and flowers will not be visible on it. 

Rose is called the flower of love, sometimes it is seen enhancing the beauty of the house and sometimes adorning the hair. World Rose Day is celebrated every year on 22 September. One reason for celebrating this day is to show a ray of hope to the patients suffering from cancer. Emotionally this day holds special significance. At the same time, planting roses in the house is good for positivity. You can also apply it as a hobby or to make someone feel positive who is going through a disease for a long time. 

Mistakes made while buying a rose plant Mistakes People Make While Buying Rose Plant 

Often people buy roses and bring them, but no new flowers bloom in it. At the same time, the remaining flowers of the plant also fall within a few days and no matter how much water is poured, the plant does not become green. Behind this there may be some mistakes made while buying your rose plant.

see plant joint 

When you go to buy a rose plant, see how the plant’s stem joint or grafting joint is buried in the soil and how much. If you see that even 30 percent of the joint is removed from the soil, then you do not have to buy that plant. Such plants do not grow properly and do not flower much in them. Take a plant with a grafting joint that is firmly entrenched in the soil. The grafting joint should be attached to the soil or buried by 1 to one and a half inches, not 3 to 4 inches. 

not plant properly 

Most of the plants come in pots or sacks and after coming home they are put in pots. Keep in mind that do not press the grafting joint into the soil and slowly fill the soil and bring it to the grafting joint. If too much soil is added right away, the plant may die. 

new plant 

This is another mistake that one makes while planting a rose plant, that is to bring a brand new plant. You should take a grafted plant that is at least one year old. Its stem will be a mature plant. If the plant is 2 to 3 years old then it is better. The old plant is strong, there are more vines in it, due to which flowers grow more and this plant can fight properly with diseases. At the same time, you will get only 3 to 4 flowers in the first year in the new plant. 

want cheap 

Many times people buy a new plant with thin joints in order to buy cheap. A new plant costs between Rs 30 to 40, while the cost of an old and mature plant can range between Rs 150 and 200. However, if the pot or soil of the new plant is changed, it can also die, so try to take the old plant only. 

do not take according to the weather 

It is necessary to buy rose plant according to the season. This will allow you to see what kind of plant can withstand the current weather. If you are taking rose plant in summer or rainy season, then take one which already has a lot of soil. Winter is the best season to buy a rootless plant without soil. This plant does not fruit in summer and rainy season. But, any plant of rose flower is good in the winter season. 

signs on plant 

If the plant is sick or damaged, then many types of marks or signs can be seen on it. If the leaves show brown or black spots, then the plant may be damaged. If the leaves are twisted or black flowers are seen in the buds, then such a plant should also not be bought. It is always right to take a green plant. 

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